Testing sequences

Leankoala provides the possibility to run sequences without a testing context to make it easier to debug the single steps. 

Starting a test run

After every sequence on the sequence overview page, there is a play button that can be pressed to start a test run. 

Afterwards, the sequence is started. The progress can be seen on the test run overview page.

Interpreting a test run

Leankoala provides a screenshot for every step in the sequence. This can be used to debug the sequence before it is attached to a component.

Cannot take screenshot with 0 width

One of the most common "errors" when running a sequence is "Cannot take screenshot with 0 width". In most cases, this is not a real error but means that the page is not loaded yet. This could be after submitting a form and the new page is not rendered yet.

In this case, we recommend adding a wait command (~ 2 seconds) after the error-step and re-run the test.

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