Create and edit sequences

A sequence is a set of single commands that are run one after the other. Those sequences can be attached to a component. Before the checks for this specific component are run the sequence is executed.

Click command

The click command simulates a click on the left mouse button. The element that should be clicked is identified by a CSS selector or a given XPath. This can be used to submit a login form.

Click Command
Best Practice

Some HTML elements that should be used in a sequence are within iFrames. For that, we invented the frame parameter. Use for example this xpath to select a button in the body within an iframe with the name sp_message_iframe_525961:

frame:sp_message_iframe_525961 //html/body/button

Type command

The type command is used to enter text into an input field (text, password, URL, ...) or a text area. The input field must be identified by a CSS selector or an XPath. This can be used to enter a username or password.

Type command
Best Practice

All the sequence steps are stored in the Leankoala database. They are encrypted using the lib-sodium. That is why we are able to store passwords as well. 

Wait command

Sometimes it is important to wait for single elements to appear before the next step can be done. The wait command waits for a given number of seconds.

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