Master Project

What is a master project?

A master project gives global settings a home. It holds a set of configurations that can be used within every child project.

Change the master project with care!

If there is no master assigned yet there is nothing to be considered. If the master project is changed it is important to know that if a collection from the old master system is assigned this collection will be unassigned. 

What can be inherited?

The list of settings that can be inherited from a master project is under continuous development. At the moment these elements can be defined in a master project and can then be used in a child project.

  • Collections - A collection is a set of checks that are grouped. If in the master project a collection is created it can be used by all child projects as well. If the collection gets changed in the master it will also be changed within the child. 
  • Notification Channels - When a notification channel like a slack endpoint or e-mail address is defined in a master project it can be used in every child project.
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