What to test?

Leankoala and its wizards provide lots of standard checks that can be used for almost every website. In some cases, the patterns Leankoala automatically finds and sets up for testing, are good enough. If not Leankoala provides the possibility to add unlimited individual checks.

Leankoala provides dozens of tools to create assertions for any kind of component. What to test depends on the website itself but there is are some standard workflows that can be used.

  1. Use the wizard – The first thing to do when setting up a new system is using the wizard. Doing so a lot of standard elements will be found without manual configuration.
  2. What is important for the user – At Leankoala we think that not everything must be tested the same way. That is why it is important to know what features and components are the most important for the business model and the user. Those elements have to be tested.
  3. What will certainly break – In a risk-based approach it is not only important to test the elements with the highest business value it is also important to test those that certainly will break. This could be a result of high complexity or high change frequencies.
  4. Adjust – It is ok to start with only a few tests, but it is important to extend those tests when it’s needed. If there was a bug that was not via by Leankoala most likely there was a test missing. Just add the test after the bug is fixed.
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