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What are good urls?

Important URLs

The URL of a page that can represent a certain page type is considered important. This important URL can then be tested instead of similar page types. It forms the respective equivalence class, for example:
  • Blog article
  • Video contribution
  • RSS Feed
  • Imprint
  • Privacy Policy
  • Sitemap

Checking the newest content

Classically, static URLs that represent a particular page type are stored when web pages are tested. Leankoala makes it possible to describe URLs programmatically and thus generate dynamic URLs (Magic URL). These URLs can then, for example, point to the latest or most frequently visited articles.

Log in before checking

In many projects, it is important to log in before you can check a URL. Leankoala distinguishes between two categories. On the one hand, there are websites that are not publicly accessible, i.e. that are behind a general password query or that are only released for certain IP addresses. On the other hand there are the components that can only be reached after logging in as a registered user. Leankoala offers solutions for both.


Leankoala offers two solutions for non-public websites. If the access rights have been resolved via HTTP basic authentication, the user name and password can be stored ready when the system is created. If access is limited to a certain IP address, Leankoala can be configured with fixed IP addresses. The support team must be contacted for this.

Registered Users

Leankoala provides the "Sequences" feature for registered users to log in. Sequences are single steps that are concatenated to model the login process.

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