The SiteInfo check is used to find elements embedded in a given component that are too big. It also checks if the component is too big when all assets are loaded.

Exclude third party resources

There are situations where a website loads data from a third party. A very common case would be advertisement. There are images and videos loaded that chance every now and then. They can be very big. As is most cases it is not possible to suppress those files Leankoala is able to remove them from the analysis. 

A third party file is recognised as third-party if the domain does not equal the components domain. Files on subdomains are not third-party elements. 

Exclude videos

VIdeos can be quite big. In many cases that is OK because they are only played if the user starts them. Leankoala provides the possibility to exclude videos from the analysis. 

Videos are recognized as videos by using the content-type header. If it contains the video info, it is blocked.

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