What's a health check?

A health check in general returns the health status of a component. It can be "pass" if all checked features are working or "fail" if something went wrong. Leankoala also interprets the output field and shows it to the user.

Best Practice

Clients need to exercise care when reporting health information. Malicious actors could use this information for orchestrating attacks. In some cases, the health check endpoints may need to be authenticated and institute role-based access control.

Response format

At the moment we are supporting the official Health Check Response Format for HTTP APIs by the IETF. For the Leankoala Health Checker, we are using two fields: status and output. All other fields are not interpreted but can be part of the JSON document. 

A very simple successful health could return

  status: "pass",
  output: "component is up and running"

A failing check could return

  status: "fail",
  output: "mysql server is not reachable"
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