Checking the privacy policy page

The dead link checker works on all kind of HTML pages, but there are some that are special. For example the privacy policies. In many cases, this page contains links to the privacy policies of third-party tools that are used and intergraded in the website. It is almost impossible to be informed if any of those companies move their policies to another URL. On the other hand, every website publisher is responsible to keep their policy up to date to follow the data protection guidelines.

When the privacy policy URL changes of a third-party integration in many cases they produce a dead link. Leankoala will recognise that link and will inform. This alert can be sent directly to the person in charge using the alerting feature

Checking new articles for dead links

Editorial websites like blogs or cms based portals produce new articles continuously. New articles also mean new mistake someone can make. That is why it could be useful to configure Leankoala in a way every newly published post is reviewed for dead links. 

To implement this the magic URL feature can be used. Using this it is possible to use programmatic URLs like "the first URL in an RSS feed or XML sitemap". Combining that with the dead link checker no new broken links will be introduced. 

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